Modern Furniture: 150 Years of Design

This weighty tome, coming in at nearly 700 pages, is not nearly so daunting as it appears. Ninety percent of the book is large, gorgeous pictures with short descriptions of the (arguably) most notable pieces of furniture in the last 150 years. The book runs the gamut from: the mundane (the Eames molded plastic chair), the dated (the Frankfurter Shrank F1 cabinet), the sublime (the 1930s Model 904 Vanity Fair Club chair), the bizarre (Living Stytem’s potato based furniture by Jerszy Seymour), the hilarious (the Silla Garriri by Mariscal) the uncomfortable (Phillipe Starck’s Bar Stool), the impractical (Jurgen Bey’s extruded mulch Gardening Bench), the futuristic (Rune’s Luna Superfurniture) and the wildy desirable (the Bookinist by Moorman). A lighthearted and fun book to flip through – with a lectern as aid.