Death at the Door #24

Death at the DoorCarolyn Hart


Siger, JefferyAssassins of Athens
Leon, DonnaDeath at La Fenice
Black, GavinSuddenly at Singapore
Smith, Martin CruzGorky Park
Vittachi, NuriThe Shanghai Union of Industrial Mystics: Feng Shui Detective #3
Howell, Dorothy
Byerrum, EllenDeath on Heels
Rice, CraigHome Sweet Homicide
Bradley, Laura
Cash, Dixie
Cohen, Mary J.Shear Murder
Ryan, Hank Phillipi
Pajama Game (play)
Alcott, Louisa MayLittle Women(also a play)
Blythe Spirit (play)
Christia, AgathaThe Mousetrap(also a play)
Call Me Madam (movie/play)
Christie, AgathaThe Mystery of the Blue Train
Highsmith, PatriciaStrangers on a Train
Russell, SheldonThe Insane Train
Martin, AndrewThe Blackpool Flyer
Greenwood, KerryMurder on the Ballarat Train
Little, Constance and Gwenyth Great Black Kanba
Rinehart, Mary Roberts
Adamson, Lydia
Murder, My Sweet (movie)
Innocent Bystander
The Truth of the Matter
Biggers, Earl DerrCharlie Chan
Williams, ValentineThe Clock Ticks On
Christie, AgathaCat Among the Pigeons
Christie, AgathaSecret Adversary
Christie, AgathaThe Man in the Brown Suit
DiSilverio, LauraAll Sales Fatal
Oust, GailSpice 'N Deadly
Shames, TerryaA Killing at Cotton Hill
Haines, CarolynBones of a Feather
Resnick, MikeDog in the Manger