Dairy Queen

Dairy QueenCatherine Murdock

I have no idea how I came across this title, but there it was in my hold pile. I can’t say I often peruse “young adult” chick lit., but this turned out to be an excellent book. DJ, a Wisconsin farm girl, has a busy, messy, broken family. Her father injured his hip and is now the house-husband; her mother is both a teacher and principal with more of a life at school than home; her younger brother is expected to great things in sports and has continual practices; and her older brothers have left over a family rift. This leaves DJ to run the entire farm single-handedly. Throw into the mix a spoiled football star wanna-be her uncle asks he to “train up” for the next season and she is nearly overwhelmed. Murdock’s voice for DJ is perfect. DJ is not a lazy whiner or soft spoiled kid. She is tough and funny, sarcastic and realistic. Scrubbing barns, milking cows and haying give her plenty of time to muse on her family and their quirks and consider what her future, if any, has in store for her. Ignore the category, read the book.