April Fool Dead #13


Albert, Susan WittigChina Bayles
Zukowski, SharonPI Blaine Stewart
Abbott, JessDo Unto Others
Zubro, Mark RichardA Simple Suburban Murder
Farmer, Jerrilyn
Page, Katherine Hall
Poe, Edgar AllenMaelstrom
Hannibel Lector
Dereske, JoMiss Zukas
MacLeod, CharlotteThe Grub-and-Stakers Move a Mountain
Fremlin, CeliaThe Spider Orchid
Hull, RichardThe Murder of My Aunt
Ripley, AnnDeath of a Garden Pest
Lemarchand, Elizabeth Suddenly While Gardening
Sayers, Dorothy LMurder Must Advertise
Knight, Kathleen MooreDesign in Diamonds
Stout, RexAnd Be A VillianNero Wolfe
Symons, JulianThe 31st of February
Babson, MarianCover-Up Story
Ambler, EricEpitaph for a Spy
Zangwill, Israel The Big Bow Mystery
Hardy Boys
Nancy Drew
Stanley, George Edward
Crider, Bill
Hastings, Beverly
Nixon, Joan Lowery
Rowling, JK
Keating, HRF
Holt, Victoria
Dirty Harry
Perry, Anne
Burke, James Lee
Maclean, AlistarNight Without End
Daheim, MaryCreeps Suzette
South Pacific (musical)
Biggers, Earle DerrCharlie Chan
Spillane, MickeyMike Hammer
Charteris, LeslieThe Saint
Revell, LouisaJulie Taylor
Simenon, GeorgesMaigret
Oliphant, BJShirley McClintock
Hawthorne, NathanialThe Scarlet Letter
Heberden, M. VDesmond Shannon
Gardener, Erle StanleyPerry Mason
Glenn Miller (musician)
Lena Horne (singer)
Rudy Vallee (singer)
Crais, Robert
Coban, Harlan
Haywood, Gar Anthony
Eichler, SelmaDesiree Shapiro
Moyes, PatriciaWho Saw Her Die?
Garve, AndrewFrame-Up
Christie, AgathaThe Murder of Roger Ackroyd
MacDonald, PhilipThe List of Adrian Messenger
Highsmith, PatriciaStrangers on a Train
MacDonald, GregoryFletch
Ambler, EricThe Light of Day
Tey, JosephineThe Franchise Affair
Rinehart, Mary RobertsThe Circular Staircase
Rice, CraigHome Sweet Homicide
du Maurier, DaphneRebecca
Trocheck, Kathy HoganTo Live and Die in Dixies
Maron, MargaretKiller Market
DeLoach, NoraMama Stalks the Past
George, AnneMurder Shoots the Bull
Ballard, MignonAngel at Troublesome Creek