Amy’s Answering Machine

amys-answering-machineAmy Borkowsky

Do you hear little voices, telling you what to do, critiquing and nagging at all hours? You may be cracking up, or perhaps you’ve been listening to NPR playing some clips from Amy’s Answering Machine (the cd). The author, Amy Borkowsky, has been stricken with one of the most interfering, worried and opinionated mothers on the planet. Over the last decade Borkowsky has been saving the messages her mother leaves on her machine:

*Beep* Hi Amila. If you haven’t already left to go to the motor vehicle bureau, keep in mind the wait is very long. So before you get in line, you may want to empty your bladder.

Mom doles out advice on not eating sushi, not wearing a bathrobe in “gang colors” to take out the garbage, thoughts on Amy’s single status and even makes panicked calls to Amy’s ex (who Amy had not seen in 2 years) when Amy doesn’t pick up the phone. Amy’s Mom’s heavy NY accent and Yiddish phrases only adds to the humor. Oy.