101 Places NOT to See Before You Die

Catherine Price

I was a bit disappointed that many of the places Price lists are related to a personal anecdote (albeit hilarious), don’t really exist (hell) or you would not be able to experience yourself (being a bull at the running of the bulls). However, there are plenty of doozies I have to agree wholeheartedly with: Wall Drug, Times Square on New Year’s Eve, the Inside of a Chinese Coal Mine, The Grover Cleveland Service Area, etc. Despite not quite living up to the standard “101 places…” template, the book is still very amusing, as are the guest comments from other writers like AJ Jacobs. Yes, there are many hellish places that didn’t make it in (Gary, IN, I’m looking at YOU!) this still give you a hearty taste of the things are you can be grateful you are missing.

#86 Your college campus four months after graduation.

Don’t be that guy.