The Lost Tomb

And Other Real-Life Stories of Bones, Burials, and Murder

Douglas Preston

Douglas Preston, and his writing partner Lincoln Child, are best known for the best-selling Special Agent Pendergast novels. These include two of my all-time favorites – Still Life With Crows and The Cabinet of Curiosities. Preston has written a number of stand-alone fiction and non-fiction also. His wildly imaginative and exciting thrillers often have had their roots in non-fiction articles Preston has written over the years. The Lost Tomb is a collection of his most notable articles, along with author commentary on how the non-fiction affected his fiction. Books have sprung out of articles on Clovis point arrowheads and the real life art collector Forrest Fenn, an Italian serial killer, the Oak Island Money Pit, and cannibalism among the Anasazi. Preston’s articles are every bit as gripping as his books, and it is fascinating to see how much of real life has seeped into them.