The Loch

The LochSteve Alten

Perfect summer read? Let’s see here:
Creepy cover with short, punchy title in large, raised letters? Check.
Wronged hero trying to right his life? Check
Snarky nemesis for said wronged hero? Check
Loyal sidekick/best friend? Check
Gorgeous dame to win in the end? Check
Fantastic prehistoric creature wrecking havoc? Check
Lottsa Crichton-esque psuedo-science so you don’t feel like you’re reading complete schlock? Check
Mangled corpses found left and right (gasp!)- Check
A bunch of Knights Templar thrown in, just in case you were getting bored? Check.
Lemonade, sunglasses, hammock? Check.

When you finish cruising through The Loch, you may want to check out Alten’s first book – Meg – reviewed by the LA Times simply as “Jurassic Shark!” Good stuff.