The Bucolic Plague

The Bucolic PlagueJosh Kilmer-Purcell

This is one of those books that has me vacillating wildly between seething jealousy and abject horror. When Josh and Brent, overworked Manhattanites, find the perfect old mansion for a song it seems like their dreams have come true. The first months of farming and spending weekends at the Beekman house are idyllic.  But the two driven A-personalities soon feel the need to do more.  What was a peaceful retreat becomes a task-master.  Having Martha Stewart herself as Brent’s boss makes their scrutiny of the farm and their need for country-perfect even more intense.  Hilarious, sad and a hell of a warning to those who don’t know the word “no.”That being said, they do seem to have landed on their feet with their brand.