Paper Craft/Paper Art

As with every new hobby, I needed All The Books from the library. A few of my particular favorites included:

Paper Cut by Owen Gildersleeve

Helen MusselwhiteThis collection of works by paper artists includes short interviews on the artist’s design background, how they got started in paper art, and a few tips and tidbits on creating paper art. A nice overview of personal and commissioned works in a variety of styles.

A few favorite artists include:

The Art of Sculpting with Paper – Michael Lafosse

While I love a good eye-candy collection, as an artist finding an actual guidebook with step-by-step instructions is invaluable. The Art of Sculpting Paper shows a wide range of paper sculpting styles, including some very advanced techniques. Directions include pictures, lists of materials and the appendix includes a couple of pages of invaluable resources.

The Art of Paper Weaving – Anna and Lene Schepper

The Art of Paper WeavingDo you have infinite patience and the delicate touch of a wood elf? Perhaps paper weaving is for you. The book builds in complexity, from the familiar woven paper hearts decorating many a Christmas tree to spiraling cones and onion domes. Freaking onion domes made of paper, people! Unfortunately, the patterns in the back are a hot mess. Each page contains three patterns, one laid one over the other in different colors. Copying and working from them is nearly impossible. However, the mother and daughter team’s website has fantastic, free patterns.¬†

Eric GjerdeOrigami Tessellations  РAwe Inspiring Geometric Designs РEric Gjerde

Gjerde is not screwing around. MMM mmm, no sirree. These are not cute little cranes or bow-ties made of dollar bills.  The patterns in this book are for origami masters. If you want a REAL challenge with paper, learn to make interlocking, tessellating repeat patterns, all from a single sheet of paper. Hot. Damn. and

Here a video of a woman working from the one of Gjerde’s patterns: