Nature Girl and The Big Bamboo

Nature Girl (Carl Hiaasen) and The Big Bamboo (Tim Dorsey)

I hit two of the unholy Floridian trinity (Dave Barry being the third… yes, that Dave Barry) within a week, so I can’t be held accountable for my actions. Both books live up to their own bizarre standards and fit the much loved Florida template. Wacked out lunatic hero-ish? Yup. Dorsey focuses on Serge A. Storms, his psychotic history-loving mass murderer. While The Governor does not appear in the Nature Girl, Hiaasen more than makes up for it with his uber-protective and delusional mother Honey Santana. A plethora of Florida history and nature worked into plot? Yep. Both of our anti-heroes blither on about famous landmarks, characters and natural wonders of Florida, all fast being paved over. Evil villain so snarky that whatever nasty things happen to them (and they do) you feel a great and thorough satisfaction? Yep, sticky ends all around. Great, high-speed vacation reads.