Murder Walks the Plank #15


Dunn, CarolaDaisy Dalyrimple
Arthur Telfer (photographer)
Charles Belden (photographer)
Chansonetta Emmons (photographer)
Orczy, Baroness EmmaThe Scarlet Pimpernel
Rohmer, SaxThe Mystery of Dr. Fu-Manchu
Buchan, GoergeThe 39 Steps
Hare, CyrilSuicide Expected
Marquand, JohnMing Yellow
Evanovich, Janet
George, Elizabeth
Warner, Gertrude ChandlerThe Boxcar Children Series
Rowling, JKHarry Potter Series
MacInnes, HelenAbove Suspicion
Walker, Mary WillisZero at the Bone
Christie, AgathaHercule Poirot
Miss Marple
Grafton, Sue"A" is for Alibi
Twain, Mark
Graeme, BruceMystery on the Queen Mary
Westlake, DonaldWhy Me?
Stewart, MaryThe Gabriel Hounds
Reilly, Helen Inspector McKee
Curtiss, Ursula Reilly
McMullen, Mary
Clark, Mary Higgins
Clark, Carol Higgins
Clark, Mary Jane
Katharine Hepburn (actress)
Spencer Tracy (actor)
Chesteron,GKFather Brown
Christie, AgathaWitness for the ProsecutionCharles Laughton (actor)
Rhinehart, Mary RobertsHilda Adams
Hiaasen, Carl
Friedman, Kinky
Strohmeyer, Sarah
Sayers, Dorothy LStrong PoisonMiss Climpson
Keene, CarolynSecret of the Old ClockNancy Drew
Buchan, JohnRichard Hannay
Palmer, StuartHildegard Withers
Burke, James Lee
Link, WilliamLt. Columbo
Eichler, Selma
Woody Guthrie (composer)
Karon, JohnFather Tim
Oppenheim, E. Phillips
Lockwood, Francis and RichardPam North
Dumas, AlexandreThe Three Musketeers
Ford, LeslieColonel Primrose
Ambler, Eric
MacLean, Alistair
Chinatown (movie)
Jeff Kent (baseball player)
Le Queux, William
Mason, F Van Wyck
Hawke, SimonMuch Ado About Murder
Brown, Rita Mae
Ballard, Mignon
Coles, Mannin
Rue Morgue Press
Doyle, Sir Arthur ConanSherlock Holmes
John Phillip Sousa (composer)
Tey, Josephine
Little, Constance and Gwenyth
Jepson, SelwynEve Gill
Christie, AgathaThe Underdog
Coben, Harlan
Hilton, JamesMurder at School
Coggin, JoanWho Killed the Curate?
Dunn, CarolaDeath at Wentworth Court
Satterthwaite, WalterMasquerade
Greenwood, KerryDeath by Misadventure
Soos, TroyThe Cincinnati Red Stalkings
Hoopes, RoyOur Man in Washington