Homemade Greenies Recipe (aka Zombie Skin)

There’s a single recipe on the site, but I make a double since the brown rice flour we get at the co-op is exactly a double recipe worth. This lasts us about a month.

1 bag Bob’s Red Mill Brown Rice Flour (24 oz)
About 6-8 Activated Charcoal Capsules (co-op in the digestive health section)
4 Tablespoons Olive Oil (this is half the single recipe, but it makes them crunchier)
2 Eggs
2 cups of Broth or so
1 packet/big clump of Mint
1 packet/big clump of Parsley

Preheat over to 400F. Line 4 baking sheets with parchment.


  1. Put the charcoal capsules into the broth and let them come apart that way. Far easier than trying to pry them open.
  2. Strip off all the leaves from the herbs and blast them in food processor. Herbs need to be a fine confetti. NO stems or they will burn and will mostly come out undigested at the other end. You can easily grow both mint and parsley in pots year round. DO NOT plant mint directly in your garden or that is all you will have. Trust me.
  3. Toss the whole lot into the mixer and mix it around, adding broth a bit at a time. I pour it in until it holds together well, but isn’t slimy. You may need to hand mix at the end; it’s a pretty solid dough.
  4. I don’t do any fancy rolling or shaping. Just use a teaspoon to blop them onto the cookie sheet. I figure the spiky edges give more opportunity to clean teeth.
  5. Bake them until you can tap on them and they are hard (30-45 minutes, depending on size). You want them CRUNCHY!
  6. I store them in the freezer since I make a double batch. The cold also makes them extra crunchy.

I got the base recipe from:

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