Great Mystery Presses

MI_head(update 1/19/16 ) Looks like Rue Morgue is no longer in business.  Boo!

Rue Morgue reprints vintage mystery titles, mostly from the UK. Many are charmingly redolent of early Agatha Christie titles. Sheila Pim’s garden murder titles, set in WWII Ireland, are especially enjoyable. The mysteries are surpassingly complex with well-written characters and a peek at a life and time so far from my own that I often have to look up terms.

The other press, Midnight Ink, has a slew of excellent series:

Rex Graves Series – C.S. Challinor
St. Just Series – G.M. Malliet
Kate London Series – Susan Goodwill
Whiskey Mattimoe Mysteries – Nina Wright
Darby Farr Series – Vicki Doudera
Odelia Gray Series – Sue Anne Jaffarian
Murder-by-Month – Jess Lourey

I have yet to read a title from either press that I haven’t enjoyed.  Quite a feat!