Don't Go HomeCarolyn Hart


AuthorTitle BookCharecter/SeriesOther
Hammett, DashiellDon't Go Home
Chandler, RaymondDon't Go Home
Block, LawrenceDon't Go Home
MacDonald, John D.Don't Go Home
Ambler, EricDon't Go Home
Christie, AgathaDon't Go HomeMiss Marple
Rinehart, Mary RobertsDon't Go Home
Sayers, Dorothy L

Ross Petras and Kathryn PetrasWretched Writing

The Petras siblings have done it again. Wretched Writing is a neatly categorized compendium of the most cringe and laugh-inducing writing.  The vulgarians aren’t just beating down the gates.  They’re inside, comfortably ensconced and pounding out one atrocity after another. No wretched writer escapes the …

mary-roberts-rinehartMary Roberts Rinehart

The average writer, especially if he is experienced, is a humble creature, ready to wag his tail at a kind word. It is usually the dilettante who has the superiority complex.

A contemporary of Agatha Christie, Rinehart was as prolific and well-known in her day as “the …

The Psychopath WhispererKent Kiehl, Ph.D.

Kiehl’s strikes an excellent balance in his book on psychopath research. Packed with stories of his encounters with the psychopaths he studied in prisons and hospitals, he also explains the science and reasoning in his research. His findings are incredible. Kiehl is clearly fascinated and dedicated to …

Richard Renaldi

20130703-lens-renaldi-slide-1BCB-custom1Despite being packed cheek-to-jowel in many  cities, most Westerns have a strong aversion to being touched by strangers. Renaldi’s book captures numerous “couples” touching one another. All are strangers, having met just a moment before.  The facial expressions and body language vary differently in every one.  Some images …

The Secret MuseumMolly Oldfield

In many ways, this is an excellent and intriguing book. Oldfield managed to gain access to sixty museums and was allowed to view objects never seen by the public.  Each entry covers one of these objects.  They range from the sad – Anne Frank’s friendship book, and sketches …

Death at the DoorCarolyn Hart


Siger, JefferyAssassins of Athens
Leon, DonnaDeath at La Fenice
Black, GavinSuddenly at Singapore
Smith, Martin CruzGorky Park
Vittachi, NuriThe Shanghai Union of Industrial Mystics: Feng Shui Detective #3
Howell, Dorothy
Byerrum, EllenDeath on Heels
Rice, CraigHome

jacek yerkaJacek Yerka

Jacek Yerka’s fantastic, surrealistic paintings are primarily inspired by his youth in communist-era Poland. The sooty cities, medieval walled towns and cathedrals of his childhood are combined into subterranean views, forests and floating in trees. The works are intricate, detailed and with the lovely colors of the old …

Dead, White and BluePDF

Brown, Rita MaeThe Big Cat Nap
Johnson, IrisWhat Doesn't Kill You
Belle, Josie50% Off Murder
Ross, AnnMiss Julia to the Rescue
Sweeney, LeannThe Cat, the Wife and the Weapon
Fletcher, JessicaMurder on Parade
Jance, JAExit

Death Comes SilentlyPDF

Addison, JosephA Letter from Italy
CSI (tv show)
Cibber, Colley
Glee (tv show)
Rinehart, Mary RobertsThe Man in the Lower Ten
Coben, Harlan
Saums, MaryThistle and Twigg
Inner Sanctum (radio show)
Buchan, JohnRIchard Hannay
Innes, MichaelJohn Appleby
Kallen, LucilleMaggie

FreeChris Anderson

This witty and amusing account of how free has become the new baseline for business is fascinating. It looks at our assumptions of how we make profit and how to go about doing it. Both a history, and a look at the current at the use of free …